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About us
Home decor

Set the tone with ceramic and natural stone tiles. Pavigrès can help you create a space that reflects your personality as well as your taste for beauty.

Explore our diverse array of modern and contemporary ceramic floor and wall tiles. Discover our vast palette of colour glazes and finishes.

The inspiration for your dream home starts here. Just bring your vision and unleash your creativity.

Our Mission

The Pavigrès mission is, very simply, to inspire our clientèle with the finest ceramic and natural stone that the world has to offer.



In 1987, Joe LoBasso decided to put his expertise and knowledge of the ceramic industry into practice, and founded Pavigrès, an importer, distributor and retailer of quality European ceramic tiles and natural stone.

He understood that ceramic tiles could be used as a way to express oneself through one’s home decor.

So he set out to offer his customers an array of world-class products, a cut above what was generally being offered on the market at the time.

He started his venture slowly with a longterm vision for expansion, and before long, the business became a family affair involving his 4 brothers and now the 2nd generation.

Our team of buyers regularly jets off to Italy, Spain and the US visiting industry shows and suppliers to scout out the best products for our customers: middle to high-end ceramic tiles with a twist – something different and interesting – and a European flare that is sought out and appreciated in this market.


With a wide range of variety, come visit us and meet our team of experts in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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